This new BRE Information Paper provides asset managers and contractors with a set of simple indicators for specifying and monitoring local infrastructure from neighbourhood hub to consumer. It is designed to encourage sustainable practice in the construction and refurbishment of utility infrastructure.

Long term benefits

The sustainability indicators set out in this paper are designed to help companies benefit from the improvements that can accrue from sustainable practice:

  • reduced risks
  • increased compliance
  • improved efficiency
  • cost savings.

They focus on local processes (procurement decisions, the works phase and completion) and can be applied to new build and refurbishment projects and to maintenance work.

The indicators will help organisations to incorporate best practice at both the strategic and the practical level. There are strategic indicators for policy or corporate level use and operational indicators that can be applied at local site level. Synergies and conflicts between issues have been highlighted to help users identify opportunities to make performance improvements and financial savings.

The document can be used to:

  • form or develop policy
  • check current management systems
  • monitor company performance over time
  • compare sites that use different specifications, methods or contractors.

Towards an estimator tool

The indicators form the basis of an estimator tool that BRE will be launching in Spring 2002. The tool will include worksheets on materials and whole life costing and will help the user to calculate and apply indicators.


The Sustainability Indicators and Estimator Tool project is supported by the DTI Construction Industries Directorate. The project has an excellent Advisory Group, with members from a selection of utility companies, plus the Highways Agency and TRL. BRE wishes to thank all those that participated in the consultation on the indicators.

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