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This information is now archived please see the BRE Timber pages for current information on our timber activities.

site revised May 2003

TF2000 - a world first  TF2000 is a unique collaborative project between the UK Government, BRE, TRADA Technology Ltd and the UK timber industry, focused on exploiting the UK's potential to become world leader in the provision of medium-rise timber frame buildings. Its aims are to encourage confidence in the market by demonstrating the benefits of timber frame construction against proven benchmarks and to promote its added value as a sustainable form of construction sourced from a renewable material.

These aims have been achieved by testing and investigating a full-scale, six storey, timber frame building - possibly the tallest building of its type in the world - and by producing authoritative guidance documents.


genesis of the project  There has been a sustained period of change in the construction industry. The Latham report called for improved efficiency and a reduction in real construction costs by the year 2000. In addition, the Egan report and other Government initiatives have maintained the momentum for improvement, fully recognising the need for sustainable construction processes.

Regulation changes in England and Wales in recent years mean that timber frame buildings can reach seven storeys without loss of economy from excessive fire protection requirements.

With the exciting opportunities this presents, comes the need to 'benchmark' the performance of timber frame construction and the need for more comprehensive design guidance for medium-rise timber frame buildings, particularly with regard to fire and disproportionate collapse. It was for this that the TF2000 project was created.


setting the pace of change  TF2000 provided a unique opportunity to develop and test innovative methods of improving end user value. This included innovative technologies, productivity improvement techniques and cost reduction initiatives. The following targets were addressed:
  • increase the value of the whole design and construction process to the client
  • reduce construction time
  • reduce cost in use
  • improve quality through off-site prefabrication
  • achieve greater regulatory harmonisation
  • produce authoritative national guidance documents

The building -
a centre of excellence 
Housed in the giant BRE Cardington facility, the test building was designed and constructed as a typical six storey multi-occupancy residential block with four, two bedroom flats per floor around a service core. The large panel platform frame construction encompassed communal staircases and lift shafts, all constructed with C16 timber, a large proportion of which was home grown. All four external elevations were clad with a single brick leaf. Innovation was used throughout the design process, where appropriate.

The project brings all aspects of the construction process together from regulations research, design and construction, through to whole building evaluation.

A generic construction benchmarking methodology has been adopted for TF2000. Measurements or 'critical success factors' were established by conducting a client survey on present and future requirements. This has already allowed the implementation and establishment of new industry standards on the project.


building on the TF2000 project  Research conducted on the TF2000 building has helped to realise safe and economic techniques for multi-storey timber frame construction. This work has been published as design guidance for future multi-storey buildings addressing the following aspects:
  • structural stability and robustness
  • fire safety
  • differential movement
  • construction process and procedures
The book, Multi Storey Timber Frame Buildings – a design guide, will be of interest to all building professionals responsible for the design and construction of multi-storey timber frame buildings. To order your copy, please visit and buy online, or, call BRE Bookshop sales - 020 7505 6622, asking for BRE Report 454. (Price £37.50 plus p+p)