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This site provides information on a one year research project carried out by BRE and funded wholly by the DTI.

The 'Sustainability lessons from PFI and similar private initiatives' publication and BRE Information Paper 13/02 are aimed at all those involved in the pfi process from clients, advisors to consortia.

Download 'Sustainability lessons from PFI and similar private initiatives' as a free Acrobat PDF file (file size 1MB)

Buy BRE Information Paper 13/02 online from (priced £7.50 plus p&p), or phone BRE Bookshop on 020 7505 6622

The ‘Client’s Guide to Functionality’ strand of the project was developed by BRE with the assistance of a Steering Group comprised of designers, developers and end-users. The guide includes details of steps which can be taken, and existing tools available to enable functionality to be considered as part of the construction briefing process, and also the business review process. The document is aimed at clients and all those involved in procuring a building.

Download the Executive Summary as a PDF file (136k) , or buy the complete report, A Client’s Guide to Functionality, BRE Report number 452 from BREBookshop (Available from January 2003)

The publications from the study show that:
 – PFI projects can deliver sustainable solutions and adhere to strict affordability criteria.
 – Addressing functionality will positively impact on sustainability.
 – Functionality means added value.

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