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The results of a DTI funded research project undertaken by BRE show that :

Achieving Functionality delivers business value to the client

PFI procured projects do deliver functionality and sustainable construction within strict budgeting requirements

Sustainability is part of Functionality .

inside of office The project had three objectives:

To collect and disseminate case study material from various projects - infrastructure, health and education - that demonstrat ed how the PFI approach is delivering sustainab le construction . These benefits would be promoted for replicat ion in future projects.

To compare the sustainability performance of the se PFI projects with projects in general using the M4I Sustainability Indicators

To produce a ‘Client’s Guide to Functionality in Construction’. Its main purpose was to show how the Functionality of construction products can add value to business, so that Functionality can become an intrinsic part of both:
– The decision to build
– The briefing process

See outputs for details of the publications related to this work