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This site provides information on a one year research project carried out by BRE and funded wholly by the DTI.
inside of office Case stdies:

BRE researched a cross sectoral range of PFI projects (healthcare, transport, schools, and public buildings) to produce the following case studies:
 – A55 Road Project, English/Welsh border
 – Barnhill School, Hillingdon
 – Croydon Tramlink
 – Pullar House, Perth
 – The Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle
 – The Great Western Hospital, Swindon

The studies examined how sustainability had been addressed, to establish the lessons learnt, the pitfalls to be avoided and identify the opportunities for benefits to be afforded.

Using a range of recently developed M4I sustainability indicators, BRE were able to compare and contrast the effects of sustainability on projects from different sectors.

These case studies are covered in the publication 'Sustainability lessons from PFI and similar private initiatives' , downloadable from the publications page