Project description

BRE is being funded by the DETR through both its Sustainable Construction and Construction Process Business Plans to ascertain the:

From their response BRE and the project Advisory Group will derive a communication strategy to assist the DETR in engaging with the SME sector. The Advisory Group members consist of professional bodies, trade associations and representatives of key agencies, initiatives and organisations who are currently aiming to interface with this audience. The Advisory Group members are named on, and their web sites can be accessed via, the Links page. This page also contains links to related projects by BRE and others.

Project progress

A draft strategy will be available for comment in Spring 2001. Ongoing project progress papers and reports will be posted on the Background Reports page to allow them to be downloaded and reviewed by interested parties. If you wish to comment on these please contact the BRE Project Manager Denice Jaunzens, Telephone 01923 664522, or e-mail

Taking part

You can also contribute to the project findings and subsequent communication strategy development by responding to the issues raised on the Survey page. These issues form the basis of the questionnaire survey to be undertaken in march on approval from survey control, when they will be tailored to suit specific sector requirements. It is hoped to post an electronic form on this site shortly, but if in the meanwhile you wish to submit an initial response to these issues, please do so to the Project Manager as detailed above.