Designing roofs with safety in mind

Making roofs safer places.

The roofing industry and BRE are teaming up to assess the safety problems posed by current roof designs and the possible solutions.

Questionnaire to Identify Current Safety Concerns about Roof Installation.

Please fill in the table below giving as many examples of your safety concerns as possible. These can be based on real accidents you have had. The information is required so that the aspects of roof design which are at the root cause for the operation where the roof is at risk can be identified.

Type of Roof : Flat or Pitched - add pitch if known i.e. P35
Main Waterproofing : Slate, Tiles, bitumen, plastic/rubber, shingles etc
New, Refurbishment or Maintenance : Please note installing a new roof when the old has been removed can be classed as 'NewRefurb'.
We've filled in a sample line to give you the some help.
Please note the questionnaire is anonymous and although we are using email to return the results no details of visitors who fill in this questionaire will be retained.

Doing what and where
Type of roof Main waterproofing New, refurbishment or maintenance
Cleaning a gutter at the edge of a roof.
flat bitumen maintenance

For further information on this project please contact Gerry Saunders at BRE:
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