Designing roofs with safety in mind

Making roofs safer places.

The roofing industry and BRE are teaming up to assess the safety problems posed by current roof designs and the possible solutions.
Project Overview

This project aims to produce good practice guidance on roof design that will reduce the health & safety risks and accidents to construction and maintenance workers when carrying out roof work. This project will encourage the industry to implement these good practice guidelines.

Good practice guidance for roofing is particularly aimed at providing successful waterproofing rather than with achieving this goal only with the safety of the construction worker and those maintaining the roof taken into account. It is the intent of the project that good practice guidance will be focussed on designing roofs with health & safety in mind. Some guidance could be quite radical and the goal would be to achieve a roof where safety add-ons such as mansafe systems are not required for general maintenance.

The project will investigate HSE data on accidents and relate these to design issues. Current design and good practice will be appraised with safety of installers and maintenance as a priority. A library of BRE roof investigations will also be appraised from a safety viewpoint.

The goal of the project is to produce best practice guidance on the design of roofs with safety at the core.

The project runs from June 2003 until March 2005.

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