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BRE's Productive Workplace Centre have been running a series of projects aimed at improving relationships between the construction industry and the community. Outputs from these projects can be found on this website.
Working with the community

Better consideration of the needs of the local community is being seen as increasingly important in the construction industry. As well as reinforcing the social dimension of sustainable construction by demonstrating a commitment to corporate social responsibility, improved relationships with the local community can mean/bring substantial business benefits both in the short and long term.

‘Working with the community’ is the title of a BRE research project, commissioned by the DTI under its respect for people agenda. The objectives of the project were to identify the impacts of construction projects on local communities and to develop guidance for the industry to help them to address the concerns of local people and businesses. The guidance and tools have been piloted on a demonstration project in Beverley East Yorkshire by kind permission of Taylor Woodrow and Tesco. The report of the research into the impacts of construction on local communities (pdf file) and the Beverley case study (PDF file) can be downloaded from this page as PDF files (click the titles above).

In addition to the guidance, BRE has developed a new programme called ‘Dealing with the public’. This is a training workshop for construction personnel to raise their awareness of the concerns of local people and businesses and to develop communication skills. Click here for a workshop outline as a PDF file.

For more information about this project or the workshops contact Mindy Hadi 01923 664169 Email