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c Article design Inside the Office DUFFY F, TRICKETT T, OADES R, ET AL Architects' Journal, v186(33 & 34), 33-39, 42-47, 50-51, 53-55, 57-59, 64-65, 67-81 1987 N   offices' design, new technologies BRE-Library This special issue includes a series of articles and case studies concerning modern office design which deal with the need for design flexibility, the arrangement of personal space, cabling for office technology, advanced lighting, air-conditioning, refur
2 Article indoor environment, productivity The impact of the building indoor environment on occupant productivity - Part 1: Recent studies, measures, and costs Lorsch H, Abdou O ASHRAE Transactions, v.100, pt.2, p.741-749 1994 Y   productivity, building costs, productivity measurement BRE-Library It describes three recent large studies of office-worker productivity, discusses productivity measurements, and relates productivity to building costs. Determining a quantitative relationship between environment and productivity proved to be highly contro
3 Article indoor environment, productivity A human factors approach to performance and productivity Rohles F ASHRAE Transactions, v.100, pt.2, p.735-740 1994 Y   building performance, productivity, human factors BRE-Library A theoretical and untested model for describing performance and productivity is presented in which performance (P) is equal to the product of an individual‘s ability (A) and his or motivation or drive (D), plus an operational factor (O) that consists of f
4 Article Lighting, productivity Widening the benefits of lighting controls. Johnson E Energy in Buildings and Industry, v.14 no.6, p.12-13 Jun-95 Y   productivity, lighting controls, energy consuption BRE-Library Expresses the view that the benefits of controls must be considered on a far wider basis than simple pay back calculations. There are a dozen reasons for using lighting controls: reduced time from concept to completion; design flexibility; flexibility in
5 Article IAQ, productivity Report claims major productivity gains from IAQ improvements. National Energy Management Institute (NEMI) Indoor Air Quality Update, v.7 no.5, p.1-3 1994 Y   IAQ, productivity BRE-Library Summarises the findings of a comprehensive study commissioned by the National Energy Management Institute (NEMI), which concludes that improving indoor air quality in all US non-industrial commercial buildings could result in an annual productivity gain o
6 Article environmental satisfaction and self-assessed productivity Associations between health symptoms, environmental satisfaction and self-assessed productivity: preliminary results from an interventional study of fluorescent light flicker, health and productivity in office personnel.International Academy of Indoor A FLEMING M E, PHIPPS R A, STUDMAN C J In the Proceedings of Indoor Air '99, the 8th International conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate, held in Edinburgh, Scotland 8-13 August 1999 Y   health symptoms, environmental satisfaction, productivity BRE-Library An interventional study was conducted in three data entry offices assessing the effects of fluorescent light flicker on the health and productivity of office personnel. Participants completed a questionnaire on a daily basis that included their health sym
7 Article productivy Designing for productivity RAYMOND S Architects' Journal, v.209 no.15, p.43 15-Apr-99 Y   design, productivity BRE-Library How is it possible to prove that good design can improve business productivity? A recent debate addressed the issue. (Author abstract)
8 Article IAQ, productivity Value of indoor air quality to productivity FLATHEIM G CIB World Building Congress, Gavle 7-12 June, 1998 Y   IAQ, productivity BRE-Library Indoor Environment and Sustainable Development - Are They Compatible?, Construction and the Environment CIB World Building Congress
9 Article IAQ, productivity Personal control systems still bring productivity gains.   IEQ Strategies, v.10 no.4, p.10-12 1997 Y   IAQ, productivity, workstation, personal control BRE-Library Two of the recurring themes in indoor environmental complaints centre on thermal comfort - trying to satisfy the different needs of occupants - and the idea of personal control. Johnson Controls, which introduced its Personal Environments system nearly fi
10 Article costs of poor indoor environment quality IAQ and productivity: how much does poor quality cost?   Indoor Air Quality Update, v.9 no.10, p.1-5 1996 Y   productivity, costs, indoor environment BRE-Library Discusses how to measure the effect of building services on the productivity of office workers. Other costs that result from a poor indoor environment include increased operation and maintenance, increased insurance costs, the threat of litigation, and th
11 Article sick building High cost of `sick buildings'.   Building, v.261 no.7936, p.10 only. 12 April 1996 Y   costs, sick building, productivity BRE-Library Sick building syndrome in offices could cost UK businesses 375-750 million pounds per year in lost productivity. Danny Myers, a senior lecturer in urban economics at the University of Western England, compiled the figures after studying previous facts on
12 Article productivity Productivity in the United States: A question of capacity or motivation? GOLDMAN R ASHRAE Transactions, v.100 pt.2, p.922-933 1994 Y   climate control, productivity, occupant's confort BRE-Library ASHRAE in the 1970s, supported a series of studies on the effects of climate control on productivity in a variety of settings. The results suggest little relation between improved comfort and increased productivity. Studies of productivity within a milita
13 Article IAQ Comparison of employee upper respiratory absenteeism costs with costs associated with improved ventilation HOLCOMB L, PEDELTY J ASHRAE Transactions, v.100 pt.2, p.914-921 1994 Y   IAQ, absenteism, productivity BRE-Library Poor indoor air quality is believed to lead to an increased incidence of respiratory symptoms, which, in turn, can lead to an increase in absenteeism or a loss in productivity. However, there have been few attempts to quantify the costs or potential sav
16 Article indoor environment, productivity Estimates of improved productivity and health from better indoor environments FISK W J, ROSENFELD A H Indoor Air, vol.7 no.3, p.158-172   N   indoor environment. Health, productivity BRE-Library The existing literature contains strong evidence thaT characteristics of buildings and indoor environments significantly influence rates of respiratory disease, allergy and asthma symptoms, sick building symptoms, and worker performance. Theoretical cons
19 Article lighting Lighting and psychological comfort HEERWAGEN J H, HEERWAGEN D R Lighting Design + Application, v16(4), 47-51 1986 N   lighting, psycological comfort BRE-Library Focuses on several questions:- 1. How much and what kind of light do people need for their psychological comfort? 2. Do these lighting preferences change across seasons? 3. How much variability in lighting preferences exist, and how can these differences
20 Article environmental confort Environmental comfort and productivity. JACKMAN P Engineering Services Management, v.5 no.4, p.1-3 1991 N   confort, workplace, productivity, good design BRE-Library Shows how the thermal environment, lighting, noise and air quality have an effect on our comfort. Discusses the link between comfort in the workplace and productivity, safety and quality. Also shows how by good design and operation of buildings it is poss
23 article ventilation Ventilation of office buildings: deciding the most appropriate system. LEAMAN A, COHEN R, JACKMAN P Heating and Air Conditioning, no.7/8, p.16-18;20;22-24;26-28 July/August 1995, N   ventilation system, comfort, health, energy factor BRE-Library Presents a review of the basic principles of the four main types of ventilation system: air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation and mixed mode. Products on the market are used to illustrate the different types, and their effects on c
25 Article occupant control Are you in control? (User and occupant controls in office buildings.) BROMLEY A K R, BORDASS W T, LEAMAN A Building Research Establishment (BRE) Building Services (CIBSE Journal), v.15 no.4, p.30-32. 1993 N   control, energy management, BRE-Library Modern control and energy management systems promise to improve individual comfort and reduce energy consumption. However, fully automatic control is only part of the answer: the user interfaces, both for the individual and for building and organisationa
28 Article intelligent buildings What do we mean by intelligent buildings? DEREK T, CLEMENT-CROOME J Automation in Construction, v.6 no.5-6, p.394-400 1997 N   intelligent buildings, effectiveness,efficiency, building management BRE-Library Various common definitions of intelligent buildings are discussed. A system view of buildings design is a starting point for considering business, space and building management. An intelligent building helps an organisation to fulfil its objectives by fac
29 Article sustainability towards a general theory of the human factors of sustainability Judith Heerwagen Paper delivered at the AIA-USGBC Conference on "Mainstreaming Green" Chattanooga, TN October 15-17, 1999 Y   sustainability, human factor, conference Because organizations invest far more money in people than in facilities, they should have a vested interest in creating buildings that keep people productive and healthy. Accordingly, investments in sustainable design will pay off in the long run due to
31 Article control comfort and control in the workplace Carol Lomonaco, Dennis Miller ASHRAE JOURNAL septembe,1997 Y   productivity, comfort, control,workplace BRE-Library While the metrics for measuring productivity and environmental comfort are not standardized, there is growing evidence which demostrates that comfort of one's own individual environment in the woekplace has a positive impact on productivity. Just as impor
34 Article PROBE Probe: a method of investigation. COHEN R R, BORDASS W T, LEAMAN A, ET AL Proceedings of the CIBSE/ASHRAE Joint National Conference, Harrogate, UK, volume2, pp.201-207 29 Sept - Oct 1996 N   IAQ, design, health, control, usability, manageability BRE-Library A two-year research project is being undertaken on how buildings featured in the CIBSE journal have performed in practice. The PROBE (Post-occupancy Review of Building Engineering) project is a joint initiative between the CIBSE Journal, HGa Consulting E
36 Article Comfort Comfort, control and energy efficiency in offices. BORDASS W T, BROMLEY A K R, LEAMAN A J Building Research Establishment (BRE) BRE Information Paper IP 3/95 Garston, BRE, 1995, 4pp. 1995 N   comfort, energy efficiency, control,design. BRE-Library In well-designed and well-managed buildings, comfort and energy efficiency can go together. Occupants should enjoy reasonable comfort under automatic control, but should also be able to alleviate discomfort manually when necessary. BRE studies show that i
38 Article control Are you in control? (User and occupant controls in office buildings.) BROMLEY A K R, BORDASS W T, LEAMAN A Building Research Establishment (BRE) Building Services (CIBSE Journal), v.15 no.4, p.30-32. 1993 N   control, design, manageability, energy efficiency BRE-Library Modern control and energy management systems promise to improve individual comfort and reduce energy consumption. However, fully automatic control is only part of the answer: the user interfaces, both for the individual and for building and organisationa

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