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The Building Regulations Part J were amended by Statutory Instrument (2001) No 3335 on 11 October 2001. The new Approved Document J giving approved guidance on how the new Part J can be complied with was published on 31 October. The amendments to the Regulations and the new Approved Document came into effect on 01 April 2002.

There are many new features in the changes to the Regulations and the new Approved Document that will be unfamiliar to designers, builders, heating engineers and building control inspectors alike. Local authority Building Control departments are a traditional source of help on how works can meet the regulations. To give assistance to them in this role, and to help others directly, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) has asked BRE to operate this Frequently Asked Questions site as a means of delivering answers to the questions that are being raised.

The link to the questions themselves is on the left. It is intended that the range of questions and answers given will progressively develop so that the site will meet the ODPM's aim of providing an effective channel of communications with the construction industry, with building control inspectors in both the public and private sectors, and with the public.

It is important however, that readers bear in mind that the answers given on these pages do not have the status of the guidance in the Approved Document. They are interpretations that appear to their individual authors to be in line with the guidance in the new Approved Document J, and they have the informal support of the ODPM. The building control body is responsible for enforcement in the particular case however, and these answers are not binding

Information on the Building Regulations generally, including electronic versions of the Approved Documents, is available on the main ODPM Building Regulations website which can be reached by clicking on the top left option.

For further information or to send additional questions on Part J, readers may contact either  or . We regret that we cannot undertake to obtain a solution in every case.