Professor Ian Cooper is an architect. He has been a partner in Eclipse Research Consultants since 1984. He specialises in environmental and sustainable development issues within the construction sector and beyond. He helps Construction Best Practice produce its series of Best Practice Profiles on how leading-edge construction companies manage change and performance improvement initiatives. He is currently collaborating, through Go-East (the Government Office for the Eastern Region), on the development of a sustainable construction strategy for the East of England and with the Centre for Construction Innovation on rolling out best practice on sustainable construction through the North West Development Agency. He was one of the originators of MaSC.

  Dr David Crowhurst is Director of BRE's Centre for Sustainable Construction. He has had extensive experience during his 17 years at BRE as leader of research projects for Government, the European Commission and commercial organisations. David has worked extensively on indicators relating to sustainable construction and approaches to bringing about change. He was responsible for the development of 'Achieving Sustainability in Construction Procurement - Sustainability Action Plan' for the OGC/Government Construction Clients Panel, the Movement for Innovation Sustainability Indicator and Environmental Performance Indicators, which now form part of the set of all industry KPIs. He has been involved in the MaSC project since its inception as project manager of the research team.

  Mindy Hadi is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who leads the Sustainable Businesses Team in BRE's Centre for Sustainable Construction. Her work within the MaSC team focuses on the social aspects of sustainability, underpinned by her background in organisational development and behavioural science. Particular areas of interest are the impacts of construction on local communities, occupant satisfaction and productivity and corporate social responsibility.

  Dr Stephen Platt is a social scientist with higher degrees in engineering and architecture. He has been a Director of Cambridge Architectural Research since 1990 and its Chairman since 2001. His background covers housing, urban planning, energy efficiency and risk mapping and he has worked on series of energy-efficiency-related projects, producing design guidance on energy conservation in housing and energy management in non-domestic buildings. He also devised a game called 'Teams', published by Gower, which helps people improve the skills required for working together. He was one of the originators of MaSC.

  Ruth Woodall was a Senior Consultant for BRE's Centre for Sustainable Construction. She was been closely involved in the development of MaSC and her work on the MaSC team focused on the environmental aspects of sustainability. She also worked on the development of DTI's Construction Industry Environment Key Performance Indicators and a range of other projects relating to sustainability performance, including BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method). Ruth graduated from Durham University with BSc Geography and MSc Geomorphology and Environmental Change.
(Ruth moved on from BRE in 2004)