There is a growing call from society and government for UK businesses to operate more sustainably, and there are benefits for companies that do so. These range from increased profitability as a result of more efficient resource use to improved corporate image due to more environmentally and socially sound practices.

'MaSC has shown that despite the mystique that surrounds it, sustainability is achievable. We leapt a considerable number of months, if not years through engaging in the process.
Richard McCarthy, Chief Executive, Peabody Trust.

What is MaSC?
MaSC facilitates the introduction and development of more sustainable business practices. It has proved to be a highly effective approach, helping businesses that are introducing sustainable practices for the first time as well as those that have gone some way down the road but want to develop existing practices. Both the supply and the demand side of the industry can use it - clients, developers, designers and contractors, and it can be used by any size of business from small and medium-size organisations, up to global businesses.

How can MaSC help you?
Making the decision to improve your company's commitment to sustainability is easy, but putting it into practice can be a more difficult and daunting task. MaSC helps to simplify the process by helping you to identify the key changes that need to be made in your company, set targets and develop an action plan. Please contact the MaSC Team if you would like to discuss how they can help you to develop more sustainable practices.

The first step is to gauge your company's current position and identify the key drivers for change.

This is followed by an 'Accelerated' Strategic Review to:
• set objectives
• develop an action plan
• assign responsibilities
• rehearse strategies to implement the planned changes
• set targets for continuous improvement.

The final MaSC report identifies the actions that need to be taken and how they can be implemented, together with benchmarking information, comparing your company to others in your sector. This action plan is the key document that paves the way for change.

A Progress Review can be carried out 12 months later to assess achievements, identify any outstanding actions and, if necessary, set new targets to ensure continual improvement. This maintains company focus and maximises results.

  A pdf of the MaSC brochure is available for download here.
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  For more information, please contact Max Halliwell on 01923 664681 or e-mail