Use the MaSC matrix to gauge your company's progress on sustainability, and compare yourself against the construction industry as a whole.

1. Considering each column in turn, mark with a cross the box which best describes where you think you are currently located.
2. Join the crosses in each column to produce your current profile.

An example MaSC matrix can be viewed here.

  Other sustainability tools that can help you
BRE has produced a number of tools and guidance documents that help you to reduce negative environmental and social impacts, maximise positive impacts and comply with existing and proposed legislation.
BREEAM - for assessing and improving the environmental performance of office, retail and industrial buildings, and homes
Envest - for assessing environmental impacts of a building at early design stage
Environmental profiles - a universal method of measuring the sustainability of all construction products and materials
Environmental benchmarking software - calculates the environmental profiles of large commercial building stocks
• Environmental Management Toolkits - for offices, local authorities, schools and utilities
SMARTWaste - measuring, managing and reducing construction waste
Planning for sustainability - guidance and services for developers, local authorities and regional development agencies

  For further information on any of the above, e-mail