Structure of ISO TC92 - FIRE SAFETY

The information on the ISO TC92 page are no longer current. The pages are here for archive purposes only.

The structure of the ISO TC92 subcommittees is set out below. A schematic representation (family tree) of this information is also provided, which is also available as a Word document for personal use.

Chair: Prof G. Cox (United Kingdom)

Secretariat: BSI (Mrs M. Di Carlo)

Currently, TC92 is served by four sub-committees, each with its own Working Group structure. This structure is shown below.

SC1 - Fire Initiation and Growth

Chair: Dr. B. Sundstrom
Secretariat: BSI

WG3 - Spread of flame tests [Briggs / BSI]
WG5 - Rate of heat release tests [Yoshida / JISC]
WG7 - Large and intermediate scale tests [Van Hees / SIS]
WG9 - Smoke generation (single-chamber test) [Sainrat / AFNOR]
WG10 - Calibration of heat flux meters [Vacant]

SC2 - Fire Containment

Chair: Mr. D.N. Priest
Secretariat: ANSI

WG1 - General requirements [Priest / ANSI]
WG2 - Calculation methods [*** / AFNOR]
WG3 - Fire resistance tests for doors, shutters and glazed elements [Roberts / SCC]
WG4 - Ventilation ducts and fire dampers [Day / BSI]
WG5 - External exposure of roofs [LeDuff / AFNOR]
WG6 - Sealed penetrations of fire resistant separating elements [Nicholas / BSI]
WG7 - Fire safety engineering in fire resistance tests [*** / BSI]
WG8 - Jet fires [*** / BSI]

SC3 - Fire Threat to People and Environment

Chair: Dr. R. Gann
Secretariat: ANSI

WG1 - Fire model [Norris / ANSI]
WG2 - Fire chemistry [Fardell / BSI]
WG4 - Preparation of guidance documents [Christian / BSI]
WG5 - Prediction of toxic effects of fire effluents [Hartzell / ANSI]

SC4 - Fire Safety Engineering

Chair: Mr. J. Kruppa
Secretariat: AFNOR

WG6 - Design fire scenarios & design fires [Mehaffey / SCC]
WG7 - Assessment, verification and validation of fire models and computer codes [Mehaffey / DIN]
WG8 - Data needed for FSE [Brein / SAA]
WG9 - Calculation methods for FSE [Mowrer / ANSI]
WG10 - Risk assessment [Hall / ANSI]
WG11 - Behaviour and movement of people [Purser / BSI]

Additional Working Groups

ISO TC92 also has its own Working Groups:

Relationship to other TC/SC

Internal liaisons exist with the following committees or sub-committees:


TC21 - Equipment for fire protection and fire fighting
TC38 - Textiles
TC38/SC19 - Textiles/Burning behaviour of textiles and textile products
TC59 - Building construction
TC61/SC4 - Plastics/Burning behaviour
TC77 - Products in fibre reinforced cement
TC85 - Nuclear energy
TC136/SC1 - Furniture/Test methods
TC162 - Doors and windows


TC20 - Electrical cables
TC89 - Fire hazard testing

Updated April 2001. Note - a fully up-to-date and complete list of conveners for each working group can be found on the ISO Online pages for TC92.

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