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Welcome to the homepage of the ISO technical committee on "Fire Safety", TC92. This page has been developed to publicise the work of TC92 and as an information resource for members of the committee. It includes information about the activities and structure of TC92, as well as links to related sites.


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ISO TC92 - Fire Safety

Technical Committee 92 held its first meeting in London in 1961 under the title 'Fire Tests on Building Materials and Structures'. In May 1995, the Technical Management Board of ISO endorsed a significant broadening of the Committee's scope under a new title 'Fire Safety'.

The following are links to a brief introduction to TC92, details of the current structure, a list of the standards of the committee and proposals for the subsequent development of the committee's work and structure. This includes a paper presenting a framework for the future standardisation of fire safety agreed at the 20th Plenary Meeting on 28 March 2002.

The latter aspect is also covered in a paper on the work of ISO TC92 delivered at Eurofire 98 (March 1998) by the chairman.

Links are also provided to the ISO Online pages on TC92, and the homepages developed by the Reaction to Fire subcommittee, SC1.

Introduction to ISO TC92
Structure of ISO TC92
Standards of ISO TC92
Proposals for future strategy for TC92
Future framework - updated 28/03/02 (Word version)
Paper by G. Cox at Eurofire 98
ISO Online - TC92
ISO/TC92/SC1 - Reaction to Fire

Plenary Meetings

Reports on recent plenary meetings are available. The 20th plenary meeting took place in Sydney, Australia from 24-29 March, 2002 - minutes now available here.

16th Plenary Meeting, Tokyo, 1995
17th Plenary Meeting, Philadelphia, 1997
18th Plenary Meeting, Berlin, 1999
19th Plenary Meeting, London, 2000
20th Plenary Meeting, Sydney, 2002
21st Plenary Meeting, Norwood, Boston 2003

Other Links

This section includes links to various other sites of interest.

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International Maritime Organisation
International Electrotechnical Commission
European Committee for Standardization
CIB W14 - Fire
Fire Research Station, BRE, UK

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