Introduction to ISO TC92 - FIRE SAFETY

The information on the ISO TC92 page are no longer current. The pages are here for archive purposes only.

A brief historical perspective

Technical Committee 92 held its first meeting in London in 1961. Its title then was 'Fire Tests on Building Materials and Structures' and this remained unaltered until after the 10th plenary meeting in 1977 at which it was proposed that the term 'Components' be added after 'Materials'. Following resolutions of the 15th meeting in 1992, the Technical Management Board of ISO in May 1995 endorsed a significant broadening of the Comittee's scope under its new title 'Fire Safety'.


This new scope is as follows:

Standardization of the methods of assessing:

and methods of mitigating the fire hazards and fire risks by determining the performance and behaviour of these materials, products and components, as well as of buildings and structures.


ISO standards of TC92

The total number of ISO standards and DIS related to TC92 and its SCs is 57. An up-to-date and complete list of these standards can be found within the ISO Online pages for TC92.

Fact file

Secretariat: BSI (Mrs M. Di Carlo)
Chairman: Prof G. Cox (United Kingdom) until (2000)

Participating countries: 27
Observer countries: 37

Last plenary meeting: May 1999
Next plenary meeting: TBA

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