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First Announcement – Summer 2000 Workshop
Corrosion in Concrete – Workshop Programme
DME 5.1 Corrosion in Concrete addresses major issues relevant to the corrosion of reinforcement in existing and new structures. The work was commissioned under a Department of Trade and Industry sponsored research project "Degradation of materials in aggressive environments" – Area 5.1 - Corrosion in Concrete. A key part of the dissemination programme is the hosting of a series of workshops during which delegates can see first hand structures that have raised specific issues regarding anti-corrosion measures.

The workshops will be structured to provide an introduction to the structure, a presentation of the key issues followed a visit to the site to see work in progress. The schedule proposed is:

Workshop 1 – Jersey Coastal Structures
The Island of Jersey has a 12m tidal range, with a large coast and many harbour structures This has lead to corrosion problems on a number of structures.
Jersey Public services Department (PSD) has responsibility for repair and maintenance of many of the publicly owned structures on the island. This workshop will look at two Jetty structures and a car park where cathodic protection either has been, or is in the process of being installed.

Schedule of events
  • London Birth – History, CP design, effects of tide on design and performance
  • New North Quay – History, anode selection problems, current draining, immersed and tidal zoning
  • Green Street – Logistics of traffic and repair work
  • New North Quay – Installation work, condition of structure, tidal problems
  • Green Street – Completed installation, operation.

Workshop 2 – The Midland Links
The Midland Links are a series of motorways, with many elevated sections built in the 1960s and 1970s. Corrosion due to deicing salt leakage was identified in the 1980s. A series of trial repair and rehabilitation techniques were undertaken in the 1980s. A whole life costing strategy was developed to maintain the structures

Schedule of Events

  • Background to Midland Links
  • Whole Life Costing of rehabilitation work on the Midland Links
  • Corrosion Modelling on the Midland Links
  • Cathodic Protection on the Midland Links

Site Visit

  • Visit to Cathodic Protection Installation
  • Visit to Repair Work on Substructure

Who Should Attend
Design engineers, Engineering undergraduates, Repair contractors, Consulting engineers, Civil engineering contractors, Structure owners, Local & regional authorities.

For more details, contact
Trend 2000 Ltd,
Church House, Pointon Fen, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 0LF (Fax/Phone +44 (0) 1529 241123)

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