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Corrosion in Concrete – Publications
Review of NDT Survey Techniques

This document is aimed at identifying techniques for assessing the condition of structures with respect to the damage, or potential damage, caused by corrosion of steel reinforcement. The report also contains information on test methods that may be used in investigations to gain an overall assessment of structural integrity.

Key areas included are:

  • Important aspects of NDT survey techniques are reviewed with the emphasis placed on the ways in which a survey may influence the selection and use of the testing techniques
  • Established yet essential information for each testing technique is summarised into a single document to assist readers who are new to this area and experienced engineers who are interested in an authoritative reference.
  • Test data from more than 160 UK structures and the practical experience of an Industrial Advisory Group, have provided a thorough appraisal of the field experience of the most widely used techniques together with an overview of those less frequently applied and other developing techniques.
  • Further references and points of contact are also provided for readers who wish to pursue specific areas of interest in more detail

This document is aimed primarily at engineering students, recent graduates, structure owners and practising engineers who want up to date information on the issue of corrosion of steel in reinforced concrete.

The contents include:

1 Use of this Document
2 Executive Summary
3 Introduction
4 Inspection and Testing of Structures
5 Available Testing Techniques
6 Basic Test Methods
7 Specialised Test Methods
8 Other Test Methods
9 Advantages and Limitations of Techniques
10 References / Bibliography
11 Standards
12 Annex A – Industrial Advisory Group

The document is in A4 format, 39 pages and contains 17 Figures and 9 Tables. First published in May 2000., price £30

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CD Reference Database

TREND 2000 Ltd, a UK based company specialising in the application of durable materials for the transport and infrastructure sectors, has been awarded a consultancy contract with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to carry out a programme of research entitled ‘Corrosion in Concrete’. A team of specialists from BRE, John Broomfield Consultancy and Risk Review Ltd has joined with TREND 2000 to deliver and disseminate the project to the UK. This synopsis presents a summary of the aims and objectives.

The Project
Several techniques exist for reducing the likelihood of corrosion of the reinforcing bars in concrete structures, e.g. protective coating of the steel, cathodic protection, or the use of alternatives such as alloy steels and non-metallic materials. However, uncertainty regarding the interaction of the constituents of the concrete, the effects of aggressive chemicals in the environment and the susceptibility to attack of the reinforcement make the choice of protection difficult. This is further confused by a lack of appropriate best practice guidance from within the industry.

This project is addressing the issues of maintenance, monitoring of degradation and prevention of degradation of structures. The final objective will be to develop new guidance documents for industry, disseminate the recommendations to the grass roots of the construction industry and ultimately to feed the information into the harmonised European Standards.

The Project Tasks
The five main tasks to be completed are

  • Establishment of the key issues in measuring and controlling the corrosion of steel in concrete.
  • Evaluation of methods for predicting corrosion rate of steel in reinforced concrete structures.
  • Evaluation of a range of protection strategies.
  • Active dissemination of findings.
  • Publication of guidance documents for UK industry.

The main deliverables from this project are:

  • CD Reference database.
  • Comprehensive report on recommended techniques for the monitoring and evaluation of the corrosion rate of steel reinforced concrete.
  • A computer model of the degradation of steel reinforcement validated against existing structures.
  • A practical guide for improved maintenance of existing reinforced concrete structures.
  • A guide on strategies available for the protection of new structures.

CD Reference Database
A unique CD Rom has been produced that contains a database of over 300 ‘key’ references relating to the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete. The references are supplemented by an abstract giving further insight into the contents of the article.

The CD Rom is easily installed and is Windows 95/98/00 and NT compatible. It uses a ‘run-time’ version of Microsoft Access for speed of operation.

The database is searchable by author, keyword and date and the search results can be displayed either in summary format or in detailed format.

A print facility allows a record of the search to be made as either a summary print-out listing the articles, author, title and year or as a detailed A4 print-out of all information on an individual article including the abstract.

This CD is a valuable tool for anyone reading up in this area or preparing a thesis.

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