Performance Based Rehabilitation of Reinforced

Concrete Structures - CONREPNET Members Workshop

On behalf of Thematic Network CON REP NET and BRE we have a pleasure to invite you to the 6th and the final Members Workshop on PERFORMANCE BASED REHABILITATION OF REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES at the Building Research Establishment Ltd, in Watford near London. Learn about the outcomes you have contributed to and discuss your ideas.

CON REP NET is a four year project aiming to improve performance of intervention works of reinforced concrete structures. The project has studied durability issues and analysed problems in achieving it through gathering information and case studies throughout European concrete repair history until today. Throughout the project performance issues have been studied looking from different aspects and taken into account viewpoints of different stakeholders of the supply chain. On the basis of gathered and analysed information a proposal for the vision for the use of performance based concepts in future has been developed.

During last years the Network has prepared a range of technical deliverables on past, current and future practices with a valuable contribution of network Members. These reports and other results of the Network are now in their final drafting phase. An object has been that the achieved results could serve as well owners of structures as industrial partners, consultants and researchers. All Members are invited to give their contributions to the event, hear about the final results of the Network and join the discussion on performance concepts and future development needs.

The Workshop is divided into two days. The first day will focus on presentations and discussions on the main results of the project. The first morning session will review results of earlier reports and latest Members Workshop. The second session will focus on introduction of results related to development of performance concepts. During the afternoon sessions members reflections will be given by invited member presentations and the last session of the day is reserved for parallel discussion groups. Your contribution for this will be desired.

The second day is open for Members' presentations covering wider range of concrete repair topics. A special guest from USA will describe current developments in the concrete repair industry in the USA. A representative from the European Commission will be present and speak about the latest news concerning construction sector. Additionally several speakers from South, Middle and Northern Europe will widen the perspective on different concrete repair topics on their special field.


Presentations will be given by members of TN CON REP NET or by invited special guests.


Open to all Members of Thematic Network CON REP NET. This is your last chance to give your contribution for the project, strengthen cooperation with other members and participate in the planning of future actions.


There will be an opportunity to have exhibition stands at the event. Please contact BRE/ Dr Stuart Matthews ( or Dr John Morlidge (


The Workshop will take place at Building Research Establishment Ltd, Bucknalls Lane, Garston, Watford, WD25 9XX UK. How to find the venue see instructions and map

Performance Based Rehabilitation of Reinforced

Concrete Structures - CONREPNET Conference

DAY 1 Monday 24th April 2006
09:30Registration & Coffee
09:45Welcome: Project Coordinator Stuart Matthews BRE
Session 1 CON REP NET Refresher: Chair - Carmen Andrade
10:00Introduction and summary of the Prague's MW5: Stuart Matthews BRE
10:10Client aspirations: Graham Tilly and Julian de Voy, Gifford&Partners
10:20Standards, Best Practice Guidance& Thresholds: Josse Jacobs BBRI
Session 2 CON REP NET Performance Concepts: Chair - Graham Tilly
10:30Performance Concepts: Carmen Andrade and Isabel Martinez IETcc
10:40Industry Response: Jean-Philippe Fuzier, Freyssinet Int.
10:50D19 "Vision for the use of performance concepts": Stuart Matthews BRE
11:00PBA from Vision to Practice: Minna Sarkkinen CT Group
11:10Coffee Break
11:30Further research needed: John Morlidge BRE
11:40CPD&Standards implications: Vaclav Vimmr and Tomas Vimmr STU-K
Session 3 Members Reflections: Chair - Vaclav Vimmr
11:50Owners reflections: David Sharpe
12:10Consultants & Researchers: Geir Horrigmoe
12:30Material Suppliers and Repair Specialists: Guido van der Borgh
Session 4 Break Out Sessions
14:00UEAtc: Joe Blaisdale
14:15Briefing for Afternoon Sessions: Stuart Matthews BRE
14.30Workshop 1 - Performance Concepts
15:15Report back: Overview from Workshop 1
15:45Coffee Break
16:00Workshop 2: RTD needs
16:45Report back: Overview from Workshop 2
17:15Continuation of the network CON REP NET: Stuart Matthews BRE
19:30Members Dinner: BRE
DAY 2 Tuesday 25th April 2006
Session 5 Members Presentations on Concrete Repair Topics
09:00Welcome: Project Coordinator Dr Stuart Matthews BRE
General Topics 1: Chair - Stuart Matthews
09:10Peter Emmons: Developments of Concrete Repair Industry in the USA
09:55Ulrich Schneck: Intelligent Surveys and Appropriate Repairs
10:15T.C. Triantafillou and C. G. Papanicolaou: Textile Reinforced Mortars (TRM) versus Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) as Strengthening materials for Concrete Structures
10:35Coffee Break
10:55Dominique Planchon: EC
11:30EOTA ?
General Topics 2: Chair - Minna Sarkkinen
13:20Mike Grantham: Concrete Solutions Conference, St-Malo, 27-29 June 2006
13:30M. Hassanzadeh and M. Janz: Repair of internally damaged concrete
13:50H. Davies: Standardisation issues
14:10Guido van der Borgh: Problems with CE-marking of Concrete repair products
14:20D. Chamberlain: Proposals for future CONREPNET activities
14:45Coffee Break
Bridges & Highways & Tunnels: Chair - Graham Tilly
15:05Neil Loundon: A clients view of concrete repair - Highways Agency
15:25Risto Lehtonen: Bridge Repair by City Kotka
15:45Jean-Philippe Fuzier: Repair of Channel Tunnel
16:25Paul Lambert:
16:45-17:00Roundup and Close: BRE

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