Launch Meeting

The first event involving network members was the network launch in Madrid on 6 and 7 February 2003 hosted by the Institute Eduardo Torroja. This highly successful event was attended by 40 members from 13 European countries. A brief report on the outcomes of the event is being prepared, but the following gives a flavour of the discussions and the way forward after the meeting.

Dr Georgios Katalagarianakis of the European Commission, speaking at the Con Rep Net Launch Meeting in Madrid

The meeting kicked-off by reviewing members' expectations for the network, their role and what they hoped to get from participation. Also clarification of what they desired to see delivered via the network through the combination of their efforts and those of the principal partners. The technical discussion sessions then lead onto consideration of past, present and future performance issues. Topics of immediate focus included practical matters such as the suitable sources of key data required on the performance of rehabilitated concrete structures, the specification for data to be collected, methods of collection and peer-review criteria, as well as obtaining agreement for access to this. The partners and members review seeks to ensure that key actors, materials, systems, methods and rehabilitation practices are included. Dissemination plans and actions were reviewed.

Members are now contributing data to work packages 2 and 3.