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Launch Meeting

Network activities will commence with the Launch Meeting on 6 + 7 February 2003 at the Institute of Construction Science "Eduardo Torroja", Madrid, Spain.

The purpose of the Launch Meeting is to energise the partners and members, to enable them to work together to achieve a critical mass and so deliver the network objectives.

The draft agenda for the meeting is as follows:-

6 February 2003
13:30 Arrival and registration
14:00 Welcome IETcc
14:15 Introduction to Thematic Networks and CON REP NET BRE
14:50 Discussion session - Member expectations BRE
15:20 Short break
15:30 Discussion session - past, present and future performance - in groups Gifford, BBRI, STU-K
16:10 Refreshments
16:30 Reporting back on discussion sessions Gifford, BBRI, STU-K
17:00 WP2 - past performance - overview Gifford
17:20 WP3 - present performance - overview BBRI
17:40 WP4 - future performance - overview STU-K
18:00 Summing up BRE
18:15 Close
19:45 Drinks reception
20:00 Dinner
7 February 2003
09:00 Network administration BRE
09:30 Review of Day 1 BRE
09:45 WP2 - past performance - tasks, deliverables and the role of the member Gifford
10:30 Refreshments
11:00 WP3 - future performance - tasks, deliverables and the role of the member BBRI
11:45 WP5 - dissemination - overview CT Centre
12:00 Discussion session - dissemination requirements - in groups Gifford, BBRI,
CT Centre
12:30 Short break
12:40 Reporting back on discussion session Gifford, BBRI,
CT Centre
13:00 The next steps BRE
13:30 Close and depart
Optional lunch and tour of IETcc

A dinner will be held on the evening of 6 February at the Institute to celebrate the launch of the network.

A list of suggested hotels is given here. Please book directly with the hotel.

Maps and travel directions can be found here

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