Revision of CIBSE Guide B – Sections 2, 3 and 12
Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Acoustics
Why are we doing this?

CIBSE Guides are the authoritative source of guidance for the design of building services in the UK, being used by over 80% of UK designers. The most recent revision of Guide B took place in 1986. Since then innovative low energy ventilation and cooling systems have been developed which are now available to the engineer. There have also been improvements in the design and operation of existing traditional systems. Work is now underway to revise Sections B2 and B3 to ensure that professional design standards for these systems are produced in line with current best practice thinking to help to minimise energy use and CO
2 emissions. Also under revision is the related acoustic guidance given in Guide B12.

How can you help?

CIBSE Guides represent the concensus view of the profession on what represents current good practice. The initial phases of the project involve reviewing which new systems need to be incorporated and also where the information on existing systems needs revision. Input is currently being sought from the profession to guide this process. In future inputs will also be invited to support the production of the new text and to review drafts. Your involvement in this process will ensure that your interests are taken into account in the guidance.

Possible new systems

  • Low energy systems being considered for incorporation include:
  • evaporative cooling
  • desiccant cooling
  • ground coupled systems
  • night cooling
  • chilled ceilings and beams
  • displacement ventilation
  • aquifers
  • slab cooling with air
  • slab cooling with water.

Who to contact

For further information contact the CIBSE project manager:
Dr Hywel Davies,
Hywel Davies Consultancy,
2 The Furlong,
Bedford, MK41 8EE,
Tel & Fax: 01234 351269,

Organisations currently involved in the project include: DETR, CIBSE, BRE, Oscar Faber, AMEC Design & Management, Dept of Education & Employment, Biddle Air Systems, BRECSU, BSRIA, Buro Happold, BWP, Cardiff University, FC Foreman, HVCA, Max Fordham, Museums & Galleries Commission, Ove Arup & Partners, Oxford Brookes University, Willan Building Services.

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