Building Air Cycle Interest Group 


A forum for: 
  • air cycle equipment manufacturers  
  • specialist air cycle consultants  
  • building services designers & consultants  
  • construction industry professionals  
  • building owners  
       to discuss and develop air cycle technology opportunities in buildings.  
A building air cycle interest group is being set up by FRPERC to disseminate information about building applications of air cycles through a series of workshops and newsletters.  The group will also provide a discussion forum at which construction sector businesses can discuss issues relating to the use of air cycle technology in buildings with air cycle equipment manufacturers and specialist consultants.  The workshops will include practical demonstration of the pilot building air cycle system which is being built as part of the project. 

AlliedSignal Normalair-Garrett are providing a prototype train air cycle cooling pack which will form the basis of the building system.  Normalair will also provide technical assistance and specialist advice to the project. 

Membership of the interest group will be free during the duration of the project (June 1998 to March 2000). See below to find out how to contact FRPERC to join the Building Air Cycle Interest Group. 

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