Testing of industrial products - Aggregates for construction

Lists of laboratories that took part in the cross-testing experiments on the Magnesium Sulfate test

Note that neither the code numbers nor the code letters have been assigned to the laboratories in the order that they appear in the following tables.

Table 1. Participants in the cross-testing experiment on the Magnesium Sulfate test.
Laboratory namePost code
BVFA ArsenalAustria 1030
Material Prüfungs GmbH (MAPAG)Austria 2352
Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen (BASt)Germany 51427
ISMES Laboratoria Prove MaterialiItaly 24068
KOAC - VughtNetherlands 5262 TV VUGHT
Swedish National Testing and Research Institute (SP) Sweden 50115
Technische Forschungs und Beratungsstelle der Schweizerischen Zementindustrie (TFB) Switzerland 5103
Eidgenössische Material Prüfungs und Versuchsanstalt (EMPA) Switzerland 8600
Tilcon LtdUK HG5 9JN