BRE is the UK's leading wind engineering centre. Our team of experts work alongside design teams helping them to develop sound solutions at key stages of the design process. We advise the government on wind issues and are involved in the development of British and European standards.

BRE test facilities are among the best in the country, and include three atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnels used for studying:
+ structural loading
+ environmental impact and ventilation
+ pollution dispersion.

Natural wind can be simulated for environments ranging from open country to city centres, at scale ranging from 1:60 to 1:1000.

Our wind consultants recommend the most appropriate test for the case in hand and how savings can be made by grouping the work.

Test techniques include:
+ flow visualisation using smoke along with video recording
+ flow visualisation of pedestrian-level wind speeds using sand-scouring and surface flow visualisation
+ measurements of wind velocities and turbulent intensities
+ measurements of surface wind pressures
+ concentration measurements of dispersing gases
+ base bending moments
+ shear forces
+ wind loading spectra
+ structural response spectra.

When testing is finished, the client receives a detailed report with recommendations that can be applied directly to the design process or used in lieu of codified data.

Clients are also able to call on other BRE experts for advice on rights to light, solar shading, overshadowing, site layout planning for sunlight and daylight, photovoltaics, environmental noise, acoustics and other environmental issues.

For further information, please call BRE Environment on 01923 664500.