Noise mapping in London
Noise mapping is a relatively new noise management tool. It can be used to predict the effects of changes in noise sources (such as changed traffic flows) or the impact of new building developments. As such, noise maps are very useful planning aids for local authorities.
Noise mapping the London Borough of Barnet
During 2002, BRE produced a road traffic noise map for an area of 8 surrounding the M1 motorway in the London Borough of Barnet.

Geographic information obtained from the Ordnance Survey® and traffic flow data supplied by the Borough were electronically merged with data collected by BRE (e.g. road elevations, heights of critical buildings, and further data on traffic flows) using specialist noise mapping software.

The calculation was carried out according the Calculation of Road Traffic Noise (CRTN) methods, using SoundPLAN® software, and the resulting map is shown on the left.

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A pdf of BRE's leaflet on noise mapping is also available for download here.

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