CabinAir is one of the largest and most important studies to be carried out on the environment in aircraft cabins. Funded under the EC 5th Framework Programme and co-ordinated by BRE, the project is investigating the issue of air quality in commercial passenger aircraft and will develop technical solutions that will enable the industry to provide an enhanced environment for passengers and cabin crew. Most importantly, it will develop European Pre-Normative Standards.

CabinAir will run for three years, from January 2001 to December 2003.
CabinAir Consortium
The team of partners – known as the CabinAir Consortium – includes representatives from 16 organisations, across seven nations:
• air framers
• systems manufacturers
• engine manufacturers
• airlines
• certification bodies
• aviation health
• environmental research groups
• the European Commission.

CabinAir will realise three major achievements:
• further the industry's understanding of air quality issues
• foster new technology
• draft European Pre-Normative Standards.

On a more detailed level it will:
• assess the current level of air quality found in aircraft cabins
• produce comprehensive information on the relationship between cabin air quality and:
– the performance of environmental control and filtration systems
– air distribution
– energy consumption
– the environmental impact of fuel burn
• develop innovative designs and technical solutions to improve ECS and cabin air distribution/control systems
• minimise fuel consumption and environmental impacts
• develop performance specifications
• draft European Pre-Normative Standards.