District Heating in Candidate Countries (DHCAN)

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A Promotional Programme for District Heating in Candidate Countries and Pilot Actions in Hungary and Romania (DHCAN)

The DHCAN Project Team

The DHCAN project team comprises 11 partners in 7 countries:

  • BRE (UK);
  • Euroheat & Power; KAPE (Poland);
  • SEVEn (Czech Republic);
  • FVB (Sweden);
  • Ekodoma (Latvia);
  • Fo˝táv Rt, Debrecen Heat Supply Company (DHRt),
  • Tata Municipality (Hungary);
  • ASA, ARCE (Romania).


DHCAN has also benefited from the wisdom of the project’s Reflection Panel: Mr Lars Gullev, Managing Director, The Western Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company (VEKS); Professor Sture Andersson (former Chairman of IEA District Heating and Cooling programme); Mr Dirk Jansen, Executive Director, Nuon District Heating; Ms Meredydd Evans, Senior Analyst, Non-Member Country Division, IEA Secretariat; Mr David Lawrence (formerly Managing Director of Sheffield Heat and Power, and former Euroheat President); Mr Mike Smith, Executive Director, Southampton City Council; Mr Herkko Lehdonvirta, Managing Director, Private Energy Market Fund.