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Ancaster Hard White Limestone
Ancaster Limestone - Weatherbed
Ancaster Limestone - Weatherbed Blue
Ancaster Limestone - Weatherbed Buff
Appleton Sandstone  

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Baxtonlaw Sandstone
Bearl Sandstone Sandstone
Beer Limestone
Blaxter Sandstone
Birchover Gritstone
Blue Purbeck Marble
Broadway Dark Cream Limestone
Broadway Light Cream Limestone
Broadway Wh
ite Paving Limestone

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Cadeby Brown Magnesian Limestone
Cadeby Light Gold Magnesian Limestone
Cadeby White Magnesian Limestone
Caithness Flagstone
Callow Hill Sandstone
Cambridgeshire Clunch
Cap Purbeck Limestone
Catcastle Sandstone (Buff)
Catcastle Sandstone (grey)
Chilmark Limestone
Clashach Sandstone
Clipsham Holywell Quarry
Copp-Crag Sandstone
Corncockle Sandstone
Corsehill Sandstone
Cotswold Hill Quarry Cream (bed1)
Cotswold Hill Quarry Cream (bed2 WhiteGuiting)
Cotswold Hill Quarry Honey (bed3)
Cove Red Sandstone
Cromwell Sandstone
Crosland Hill Sandstone

Crossley Sandstone

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Doddington Sandstone
Donegal Quartzite
Doulting Stone
Dukes Gritstone
Dunhouse Sandstone (Buff)

Dunhouse Sandstone (Grey)


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Elm Park Limestone

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Flash Sandstone
Fletcher Bank Sandstone
Freestone Purbeck Limestone (Landers Quarry)
Freestone Purbeck Limestone (Swanage Quarry)

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Golconda Dolomitic Limestone
Greaghnagee Sandstone
Green Purbeck Marble
Grinshill Sandstone
Grub Purbeck Limestone (Landers Quarry)
Grub Purbeck Limestone (Swanage Quarry)

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Hall Dale Sandstone
Ham Hill Lower Bed Limestone
Ham Hill Middle Bed Limestone
Hillhouse Edge Sandstone
Hopton Wood Limestone

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Laning Vein Purbeck Limestone
Lees Endcliffe Sandstone
Locharbriggs Sandstone

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Monks Park Limestone
Mountcharles Sandstone
Myddle Red Sandstone

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New Vein Purbeck Limestone
Naylor Hill Gritstone
Naylor Hill Sandstone

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Orton Scar Limestone

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Peakmoor Sandstone
Plumpton Red Lazonby Sandstone
Pond Freestone Purbeck Limestone
Portland Admiralty Roach Limestone
Portland Bowers Base Bed Limestone
Portland Bowers Whit Bed Limestone
Portland Cap Limestone
Portland Whitbed Limestone
Portland Fancy Beach Base Bed Limestone
Portland Fancy Beach Whit Bed Limestone
Portland Hard Blue Limestone
Portland Independent Base Bed Limestone
Portland Independent Whit Bed Limestone
Portland Perrycott Limestone
Portland Roach Limestone
Portland Perryfield Shelly Limestone
Portland Whit Bed Limestone
Purbeck Button bed Limestone
Purbeck Cap Limestone

Purbeck Royal Bed Limestone

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Red St.Bees Sandstone
Rockingstone Sandstone

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Salterwath Limestone
Scout Moor Sandstone
Shire Sandstone
Silex Sandstone
Spangle Purbeck Limestone
Spynie Sandstone
Stainton Sandstone
Stanley's Quarry Bed 1 (Campden Limestone)
Stanley's Quarry Bed 2 (Campden Limestone)
Stanley's Quarry Bed 4 (Campden Limestone)
Stanton Moor Sandstone
Stoke Ground Limestone
Stoke Hall Sandstone
Stoneraise RedSandstone
Streatlam Buff Sandstone
Swaledale Fossil Limestone

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"Tenyard" Hard Rock Sandstone
Thornback Purbeck Limestone
Thornback Purbeck Type 3 Limestone
Thornback Purbeck Type L Limestone
Thornback Purbeck Type S Limestone
Torrington Sandstone
Totternhoe Limestone

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Upper Lawn Bath Limestone
Ulveston Marble - Fawn
Ulveston Marble - Mottled

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Waddington Sandstone
Wattscliffe Lilac Gritstone
Westwood Ground Limestone
Wetsombed Purbeck Limestone
Wetsom Purbeck Limestone
Woodkirk Sandstone - Brown
Woodkirk Sandstone - Type 'M'
Wroxton Limestone

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