What is REACH?
REACH will focus on culturally important material exposed or potentially exposed to damage from air pollution, which may include cities, districts, buildings, monuments, individual pieces of art and other historical objects

There is no existing method for integrating the cost/ benefit calculations into a single package.

REACH will develop an integrated model, which identifies the various components of cost and benefit that will allow the user to make a rational calculation of the best strategy for maintaining our heritage.

The eventual product will be a computer package, which will allow the user to model different possible scenarios to facilitate short, medium and long term planning and fundraising.

This will be a practical tool that will provide previously unavailable data for business plans and funding applications.

We have identified a number of potential users, from managers of single buildings, heritage bodies, local planning and environmental departments, to National and European Cultural Ministries.

Conservators of a cathedral, for example, will be able to provide estimates of the added value to their city that can be expected from a proposed project, while regional air quality management strategies will be able to estimate impacts on important local attractions that can be expected from proposed air quality measures

Prague City Centre, Czech Republic
typifies a collection of culturally significant buildings and objects, which have added value by their proximity and relationship to each other