Case Studies
The REACH Management Team has decided that due to the limited time available to complete the project, it was preferable to concentrate on specific case studies.

Six sites were chosen to offer a balance of different scales, geographic locations and political contexts. Each has been worked on by at least one of the consortium members.

The six sites are:

  • Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway
  • Oslo City Centre, Norway
  • Lincoln Cathedral, UK
  • Rock Carvings (representative of the problems faced in the protection and conservation of a related group of objects found in several participating countries – Norway, Sweden and Scotland )
  • Prague City Centre - typifies a collection of culturally significant buildings and objects, which have added value by their proximity and relationship to each other
  • Monastery of Jeronimus, Lisbon, Portugal

The outcomes of the project will be presented as deliverables within the following five work packages:

  • Air Pollution and Material Damage Functions
  • Indirect Costs
  • Direct Costs
  • Policy Efforts
  • Management Tool

Monastery of Jeronimos, Lisbon

Oslo City Centre, Norway