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Technological solutions
NatVent main.pdf main.ppt
Objectives of NatVent 7_proj.pdf 7_proj.ppt
Partners 9_part.pdf 9_part.ppt

Perceived Barriers to Natural Ventilation Design of Office Buildings 1_barr.pdf 1_barr.ppt

Performance of naturally ventilated buildings 2_build.pdf 2_build.ppt
The PROBE Building - Belgium 201_be1.pdf 201_be1.ppt
The Keppekouter project - Belgium 202_be2.pdf 202_be2.ppt
The Renson Headquarters - Belgium 203_be3.pdf 203_be3.ppt
The Velux Building - Switzerland 204_ch1.pdf 204_ch1.ppt
The EWZ Building - Switzerland 205_ch2.pdf 205_ch2.ppt
the Basler Building - Switzerland 206_ch3.pdf 206_ch3.ppt
E.Phil & Son AS headquarters - Denmark 207_dk1.pdf 207_dk1.ppt
BRF Kredit headquarters - Denmark 208_dk2.pdf 208_dk2.ppt
WindowMaster Building - Denmark 209_dk3.pdf 209_dk3.ppt
BRE Energy Efficient Office of the Future - Great Britain 210_gb1.pdf 210_gb1.ppt
The Canning Crescent Centre - Great Britain 211_gb2.pdf 211_gb2.ppt
The Portland Street Building - Great Britain 212_gb3.pdf 212_gb3.ppt
The European Office Building - Netherlands 215_nl1.pdf 215_nl1.ppt
The Town Hall of Zevenhuizen - Netherlands 216_nl2.pdf 216_nl2.ppt
Tax Office of Enschede - Netherlands Not available 217_nl3.ppt
Ullevål hospital - Administration Building - Norway 213_no1.pdf 213_no1.ppt
Pfizer Office Building - Norway 214_no2.pdf 214_no2.ppt
Tage Møller Architect office building - Sweden 218_se1.pdf 218_se1.ppt
The Technical Office of Varberg - Sweden 219_se2.pdf 219_se2.ppt

WP3 - ‘Smart technology systems & components’ 3_smart.pdf 3_smart.ppt
Controlled Airflow Inlets 32_constant.pdf 32_constant.ppt
Natural ventilation with heat recovery 33_heatrecov.pdf 33_heatrecov.ppt
Intelligent Night Cooling 34_night.pdf 34_night.ppt
Integrated Natural Ventilation Design 35_int.pdf 35_int.ppt
The Source Book. Natural Ventilation for Offices 8_softw.pdf 8_softw.ppt
Best practice when installing air inlets to buildings situated in urban environments. 31_suppl.pdf 31_suppl.ppt