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Safeguarding your future

For your own peace of mind ensure your smoke or heat detector carries the LPCB product approval mark.

LPCB in fact provide approval for the whole process - as well as testing and the certification of these products, they also provide product and installer certification schemes.

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For over 150 years the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and its predecessor the Fire Offices' Committee (FOC) have been working with specifiers to set the standards necessary to ensure that a product is fit for purpose. LPCB is a part of BRE Certification.

LPCB has been approving and testing commercial fire detection for over 25 years.  During this time the LPCB has been testing smoke alarms and heat alarms for use in domestic dwellings in conjunction with other certification organisations around the globe. The expertise built up within the LPCB in the field of fire detection is second to none.

In line with its continued commitment to improving safety within the built environment, the LPCB is now extending it’s approval and certification services to include smoke alarms and heat alarms for use in homes.

The LPCB List of Approved Fire and Security Products and Services, commonly known as the 'Red Book', is available free of charge in book form, on CD Rom and a fully searchable live copy can also be accessed through http://www.redbooklive.com