Innovation in facilities management - project description

The benefits of facilities management engagement - case studies

A guide to facilities management engagement - technical report

Measuring performance by reference to the customer - project description

Measuring customer satisfaction - ongoing work

Innovation in facilities management

Project description

The Innovation in Facilities Management, carried out with the support of the BIFM, had as its aims to:

The project has resulted in three major outputs:

An article describing the project in more detail can be downloaded from this page. (Download)

Measuring performance by reference to the customer

Project description

The DETR has commissioned BRE to carry out a two year research project to highlight the role and perspective of the customer/end user in procuring and evaluating built facilities.

The project is focussing on the business context, looking in particular at the needs of user organisations with reference to such considerations as productivity, comfort, flexibility, operational costs etc. It will increase the understanding of the way a built facility impacts on people at all levels from Chief Executives, Human Resource Managers, Finance Directors and their departments, to staff, visitors and customers.

A major output will be the development of a portfolio of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will reflect customer satisfaction with a building or structure by definition of the key interests and requirements of each end user group

The project will also highlight the critical stages of involvement for the customer in the procurement process, eg briefing and design evaluation.

Measuring customer satisfaction - ongoing work

A draft collection of customer satisfaction KPIs has been derived and tested on three case studies, including a hospital, office development and motorway extension. Details of these can be obtained from the BRE Project Officer, Mindy Hadi, tel 01923 664169, or e-mail